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Seams Perfect is a product designed by Glenda Westbrook, the owner of Houston St. Mercantile.  Like most inventions or designs, it was born out of a desire to make things easier and faster.  Seams Perfect is an answer to the 1/4 " seam dilemma for owners of the original Singer Featherweights.  Although it was designed for the Featherweights, it works equally well on other metal bed Singer sewing machines.   

Seams Perfect comes with a screw to attach in existing holes in metal bed machines.  It also comes with a card to set the 1/4" measurement that is so important to make your patterns fit together effortlessly.

Once properly in place, Seams Perfect forms a barrier for your fabric to ride against so that you can sew faster and more accurately.  A quarter inch foot works well, but it is still necessary to watch every stitch.  With Seams Perfect, you have an additional aid to keep your fabric in proper alignment, allowing you to sew faster with wonderful results.

I hope this will help you as much as it has me.

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